Take a break from your everyday life and reward yourself with a thorough relaxation in our Spa. Water, the element of life, represents deceleration and the rediscovery of one's own strengths. In our Spa, everything flows harmoniously together and thus provides the perfect retreat for all your senses. We offer you an impeccable combination of pure enjoyment, new physical experiences, relaxation, and deceleration.

Obrázok pod nadpisom: 

Perhaps the most distinct element of our Spa is our indoor relax pool with numerous relaxing elements including a waterfall, hydromassage nozzles, and benches. Comfortable loungers with a wonderful view simply tempt you to take a rest there. Our jacuzzi also offers you this special view of the scenery and thus represents the perfect place to be pampered, unwind, and feel great.

If you are a caring parent of playful children, you certainly do not have to worry about their boredom. A children’s pool with enticing attractions eagerly awaits their visit. There, they will surely entertain themselves meanwhile their parents are enjoying their well-deserved rest.

We all know very well how famished we tend to be after a stay in the water. But no worries! We have a perfect solution to this serious problem- our Bar offers a selection of drinks and delicious snacks.