The real rest in the heart of Gemer

Do you fancy leisurely strolls or prefer an arduous hike on the hill of Maginhrad?

Everyone can find what they like with us. Active rest is perhaps the best means of relaxation and in the vicinity of our complex can be found many opportunities of this kind.

The proper reward awaits you in our Wellness & Spa pod Maginhradom, where you can find an indoor pool, jacuzzi, comfortable loungers, and a charming sauna village with a tepidarium. Tepidarium together with its luxury, anatomically shaped loungers and relaxing music create a harmonious and peaceful area, where your body will get its well-deserved rest and strengthen its immunity.

Obrázok pod nadpisom: 

Our facility, Wellness & Spa pod Maginhradom, is located near a village called Veľké Teriakovce.

It lies in the northern part of Rimavská kotlina (Rimavská basin), in the Rimava river valley, approximately 8 km northwest of Rimavská Sobota (town).

Gemer ukrýva nádhernú prírodu a každý návštevník si tu príde na svoje. Prijmite výzvu a zdolajte vrch Maginhrad. Odporúčame Vám navštíviť vodný mlyn vo Veľkých Teriakovciach, rozhľadňu na Maginhrade ako aj Sysľovisko Biele vody pri Muráni.

Unique watermill in Veľké Teriakovce

Would you like to know how such a watermill used to work? Near our facility can be found a typical example of the way how our ancestors had had to work as to have precious daily bread. This watermill belonging to the era of classicism is a two-storey building built in 1800. Its uniqueness is mainly because the mill wheel was constructed horizontally. We certainly recommend you to visit this unique cultural monument.

Lookout tower Maginhrad

The name of our facility wasn’t just randomly made up. As you can tell, it contains the word Maginhrad. This refers to a hill which is situated directly opposite to our facility. On its very top, at an altitude of 430 meters above sea level, is situated a lookout tower, which is 17 meters high and built on a place where used to be a medieval wooden castle from the 15th century, which used to serve as a Hussite fortress.

Well-known Slovak writer and poet, Ján Botto, also under a pseudonym Janko Maginhradský, born in the near village Vyšný Skálnik wrote about this medieval fortress in many of his works (Povesť o Maginhrade, O Maginských rytieroch, Báj Maginhradu). He tried to describe life in this fortress adding a bit of mystery and myths. After ascending 49 stairs, the lookout tower offers picturesque panoramic views within a wide geographical distance- from Kráľová hoľa (Low Tatras), covering the whole Rimava river valley, to the Hungarian boundaries.

The Maginhrad lookout tower can be reached following 3 different tourist routes. Along the green tourist route from Nižný Skálnik, along the yellow and green from Veľké or Malé Teriakovce or from Horné Zahorany. In the close distance from the lookout tower can also be found an educational route „In the footsteps of Maginhrad “.

Ground squirrels in Biele vody

In Biele Vody, Muránska Planina, large colonies of ground squirrels have their natural habitat. It is 42 km far from our facility. During the season - from about March to the end of September you can observe one of the most numerous colonies of grazing ground squirrels in Slovakia in the locality of Biele Vody. Tiny and cute creatures come close to a man, which is rather unusual with these naturally shy creatures. They have already become used to being fed by people and thus many individuals have no problem taking food directly from your hand.


We prepared for you a rather small selection of local tourist attractions. In case of planning more activities in the region of Gemer, we recommend you use this link: